Build it and they will….


Not so fast.

Enterprise tools thrive through nurture, not nature.

In large, incumbent enterprises people have worked a particular way for a long time.

Empathise before you evangelise.

Start small, solicit feedback.

Pilots can plant seeds for viral growth.

Engage early adopters first.

Let mavens master and share.

Harness natural competition and peer review. “See how I use this?”

More outcome, less process. “My work is easier now because….”

Network effects will take over. Each user strengthens the ecosystem exponentially.

Knowledge flows informally. Pockets of hidden knowledge become safely illuminated. .

Ways of working evolve. New, better, best behaviours become embedded.

Soon essential, not optional.

Advantages compound.

The organisation becomes smarter, faster, more connected.

People feel heard, empowered. Culture renewed from within.

So build for community, not just capability.

Nurture the network and growth will come.

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