APIs for people

The role of the CIO is to manage the technology foundations – hardware, software, compliance, security.

Smooth operations rewarded. Breaches and downtime punished.

But technology’s true purpose?

Enabling human connections.

The bonds between people, partners, and customers.

An enterprise thrives through culture. Will it be curious or insular? Open or closed? Energising or stagnating?

People now crave purpose and meaningful connections more than ever.

Belonging taps intrinsic motivations no reward can match.

Put your people at the very front of your technology strategy.

Cultivate connectivity.

Provide secure tools for self-expression and serendipity.

Sparks fly when people relate as humans first, roles second.

Empathy and understanding creates value that can’t yet be automated.

Give people voices in what they do and who they do it with.

Allow ideas to mingle and collide.

Set the pace for mentoring and peer coaching – through patience, not pressure.

Nurture emerging leaders.

Keep listening as the culture evolves.

The CIO plays a key role in digital transformation.

But she must prioritise human connections to succeed.

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