Knowledge Brokers

A maven is a trusted expert, influencer and information hub within a community.

They have deep knowledge and they share generously with others.

Mavens act as information brokers within your organisation – enabling the flow between those in the know and those seeking to learn.

They are highly connected beacons – illuminating what is valuable and enabling further value to be created.

They unlock the intrinsic promise of your brand. Bridging siloed pockets of information and expertise.

Your mavens should be identified, enabled and celebrated.

As your organisation evolves, they serve as nodes around which your new organisational design can develop.

How to spot a maven:

  • They love to discover and share new information on a topic.
  • People often seek their advice and opinions before making decisions.
  • They have large networks and enjoy bringing people together.
  • They are intrinsically motivated to solve problems and answer questions.
  • They are early adopters of emerging ideas, tools, methods.
  • They freely give of their time and knowledge without expectation.
  • They are more focused on giving than getting.

How to engage mavens:

  • Recognise and respect their expertise – they have much to teach.
  • Involve them early and get their input on new initiatives.
  • Ask for their authentic feedback so they can shape the outcome.
  • Enable them to disseminate information they feel is valuable.
  • Formalise their roles only if necessary.

Knowledge is power.

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