It’s ok to be afraid

When changing an organisation, fear is an adversary.

You can make an ally of this entirely natural human response.

Acknowledging fear isn’t just compassionate; it’s strategic.

Marking the boundary edge between comfort and growth.

Embrace fear. Start with empathy for yourself and your team.

The leaders who acknowledges and confronts their own fears set a tone.

One of vulnerability.

Of courage.

Turning fear from a barrier to a catalyst for change.

Contemplating truly fundamental change feels thrilling.

It can bring an unfamiliar mix of apprehension and excitement.

Stepping off into the unknown.

Be with your teams.

Look out for signs of subconscious resistance:

reluctance to new ideas, rising conflicts, or general disengagement.

Don’t silence fear. Bring it into the light. Understand and harness it.

Model open communication.

Guarantee an environment where fears and concerns can be safely expressed and collectively addressed.

When we learn to listen to and work with our fears, we are more resilient.

More adaptable.

More successful.

More fun.

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