Baristas of knowledge

You have a system that learns your teams’ skills, interests, and goals and makes connections between people and ideas across your organisation.

It prepares silently, analysing data like project activity, skills profiles, who’s talking with who, document shares, and searches.

It surfaces patterns and opportunities for collaboration.

Then it manufactures serendipity.

Nudging two people to meet who share an obscure interest yet work in distant divisions.

Recommending new project ideas by fusing interests from unconnected teams.

Introducing employees to formally collaborate based on complementary skills and knowledge.

It’s like having a insightful insider making thoughtful recommendations and unexpected introductions, unearthing hidden links between people and concepts.

The barista can also suggest tweaks to organisational design, detecting when teams are too insular and need connecting.

The goal is a continuous collision of ideas and expertise, helping colleagues feel inspired, informed, included and engaged.


Over time, the digital barista gets smarter and the enterprise becomes more productive.

Serendipity is no longer random.

It’s an intentional, embedded business process.

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