I am fascinated by all things digital and the intersection with the real world which is where value – and wastage – is created.

I believe we can all learn to leverage what we have and utilise our individual – and collective – resources elegantly to create states of either potential abundance or scarcity.

I believe that spontaneous collaboration of free people is the highest form of efficiency.

I make flexibility and doing more with less the cornerstones of how I create my world.

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3 thoughts on “About

  1. Mr. Ogle,
    A fine eye, indeed, you do have! Thank you for sharing them here.

    On another matter, an image of a roulette wheel you took, is a perfect fit for part of the cover of a small personal memoir I’m working on for a WW II veteran. However, I’m not sure if it’s available for usage or not and do NOT want to infringe on your copyright. Would you kindly contact me?

    Thank you in advance, sir.
    Lean McKay

  2. Dear Conor M. Ogle, 

    I see that you are interested and knowledgeable about angel investing. I am an angel investor and a senior advisor at the World Bank in charge of the creation of a global angel co-investment fund. I spend most of time figuring out ways to help tech entrepreneurs through helping angel investors. I would be indebted if you took 30 seconds to answer one question in this survey.

    https://docs.google.com/a/unsal.com/forms/d/1IxzWg0uqPiLAORUxBXF29zbXEh1q0YoeO78GBWQeCHc/viewform. I would love to see you in our community.

     Please enjoy my recent blog post on the World Bank blog, and please tweet if you like. @oltac http://blogs.worldbank.org/psd/blogs/oltac-unsal. Best regards, Oltac

    (Please send any further questions to my personal assistant, Kayla, at Kayla@zirtual.com)

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