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Escape from Orlando
From PA Consulting in the FT – June 2014 – emphasis mine.

The executive team can look outside the organisation for fresh perspectives. ….from partnerships with start-ups…. and hiring digital talent from outside the traditional recruitment pool…. these outsiders’ views will challenge convention and cause disruption.

It is clear that…. successful businesses will be those that take control of their own direction. They will understand the scale of the change and respond by adapting both what they do and how they do it.

Look outside the organisation?

What about inside?

I still find it perverse that so many talented people feel obliged to escape large financial organisations to set up on their own.

Why do the organisations let them slip away, when what they intend to build outside is almost exactly what the incumbent organisation itself needs to survive?

As the enterprise strives to adapt to the future it seems rather careless to lose talent, knowledge and momentum.

It’s also frustrating that the experts that lay under-utilised inside the enterprise must surrender reliable access to the apparatus and sandbox in pursuit of a clean canvas.

It seems grossly inefficient that these same banks then participate haphazardly in accelerators and investment funds to buy back the very resources they lost.

Surely there is a more effective model – one which affords the entrepreneur the agility of the green field whilst also retaining the talent within easy reach of the organisation?

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  1. Is part of it because FIs dont know their own staff and what they’re capable off? The people who have the ideas are at the wrong level to be identified by the management who need them? The company dont share their vision, and dont engage their staff for ideas? Staff have ideas, but believe the only way to keep control, income and IPR is to go outside?

  2. Those are all valid points, I think. Visibility of senior management into the ranks where talent resides is a perennial challenge. Clarity of vision in an evolving organisation/market is also crucial. As the PA Consulting piece in the FT implies, senior leadership often prefer to invite disruption from outside the organisation. Seems somehow ‘easier’ than evolving the organisation from within.

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