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I’ve mentioned before that if you want a great insight into the strategies and relative performance of the major tech players, then Ben Evans is the one to watch.

However, my own experience of Apple etc. is as a mere consumer. I’ve recently had the misfortune to notice what may be a sign that Apple’s market share is increasing significantly – perhaps further than their support models can manage.

My 2013 Macbook Pro (Retina) has decided to stop displaying anything.
Last night over chat, the Apple support people diagnosed where the issue lay.
It’s a video card hardware issue rather than the laptop display itself.
Next step is to get the laptop into the Apple repair ecosystem.
Which should be easy.
Apple easy.
But getting an appointment is now far harder than it used to be.
With so many new stores opened in London (Covent Garden, Westfield + Stratford, plus Brent Cross and Kingston-upon-Thames) you’d think I’d be able to drop it off somewhere today/tomorrow and pick it up in a week or so like it was in the good old days (2012/2013).

No more.

Apple Genius Reservations 2014-03-21 13.15.49

First available initial appointment is in one week’s time.

That’s new.
And not great.
I love Apple’s customer care. The Genius bar teams are miracle-workers, exceeding customer expectations by default.
But if you can’t get in to see them, you can’t start enjoying this greatness.

Has Apple (in the UK, at least) grown market share beyond where their support levels can maintain this level?

What are your own experiences?

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