Customer service – an investment, not an expense

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I didn’t learn customer experience from my employers, I learned it from my parents.

Customers enjoy fabulous customer service when the brand they are dealing with has a culture of service. Authentic customer service, delivered gladly is not the product of an afternoon of staff training.

SAP recently featured Ted Coiné on the future of customer experience which is worth a read.

Customer Experience Is An Investment, Not An Expense

Some soundbites and principal points of note:

Funding and time horizon:

Customer experience done professionally is an investment, not an expense. Companies that give top-tier service dominate their markets and are more profitable

If you want to beat the market’s expectations this quarter, slash customer experience from your budget. If you want your business to be thriving ten years from now, invest in a top-rate customer experience.

On the change imperative:

Change is the result of insurmountable market pressure. Nobody changes just because they’re bored.
Companies in intensely competitive industries have already gotten smaller, flatter, more transparent, and more nimble, or are struggling for survival right now.
Others – where pressure is weak – are in a slow burn toward change.
Most are somewhere in the middle, undergoing change right now at whatever pace they must to survive.

Command-and-control hierarchies and the sluggish bureaucracies that enable them are over: they can’t compete.
Organizations composed of mature, responsible adults who make their own decisions based on the strategic intent of the org as a whole? Those are the winners in this brave new age.

I believe customers easily sniff out fake service levels.

If these themes count for customer service, how true is your organisation’s culture for digital or ‘social’?

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