It’s busy tonight.

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I saw this post in Google Plus overnight – a location check-in by a Google+ engineer.

Google plus check-in to a climbing gym shows large number of customers
Umm…this place is crowded tonight

My post on Foursquare check-ins/Unintended benefits is still brewing, but I wondered if any SOLOMO services were already gathering data on venue capacity from users at time of check-in.

Foursquare have already started to gather additional information at check-in – such as “Does this restaurant have outdoor seating?” or “Do they accept American Express?”.

If Dobromir knew that his gym was unusually full before he got there, would he have changed his plans?

What about if a bar/restaurant/club is unusually busy/quiet? Might customers want to stay away/rush over to be part of the atmosphere?

The combination of time and context – directing people towards a deal when they can easily redeem it – unlocks a powerful tool for marketers to develop precise targeting approaches.

James Ferguson of TNS

Option 1: allow consumers to get feel for ‘vibe’/likely service turnaround;
Option 2: Dynamic pricing. Offer those who are willing to come now and soak up excess capacity a discount etc. etc.

This is just a thought I have which can’t be resolved by raw numbers alone.
Dobromir felt the gym was unusually busy last night.
The gym was certainly below its mandated maximum capacity, but as a regular, he signalled his
If you’re making your decision on when to head to the gym to climb, who would you trust?

More to come.

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