Does Salesforce Files do it all?

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I saw this tweet from the Dreamforce 13 event and it caught my eye as I misread it. I thought that what it was saying was that Salesforce Files can now support different permission groups for different


of a file.

If a realtime collaboration system such as Salesforce Chatter could support different permissions for different stages of a file, that would be a huge win.

Consider a comp round process: to have a group able to work  collaboratively on a single, shared file but – once a final element has been added (data) – permissions change for that version of the file.

Rest of document can continue to be iterated but the sensitive components are limited to the inner group.

I don’t see how this could work in practice (and I expect many would be too ‘scared’ to trust it would work), but if it exists already, I want to hear about it.

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