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Publishing, news and content business all have a big device problem. They’re overly dependent on devices for content delivery. They have no control over that side of the equation.

While it has been energizing to see the new revenue opportunities emerge from these devices, it’s sobering to look at the costs they’ve saddled publishers with. Each new device brings with it an obligation to tailor content for it.

We’re heading toward a situation where the device you use will mean less and less. “In the past many years, you’ve had specific experiences around specific screens,” he said. In the future, he thinks we will be more likely to have a uniform user experience, no matter the device.

Only a handful of news organizations try to produce news that fits well into the 4-inch screen of a mobile phone, even though most data indicates that’s where the majority of news consumption will take place.
As the speed with which new devices enter the market increases, the big risk is that many publishers could slip further behind.

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