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Giving their audience exactly what they’re looking for, Business Insider today ran another article revealing some plain-language stats following Apple’s recent quarterly financials.

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Summarised here:

– Apple has generated $29billion of cash in last six months. $32 billion cash in; $3 billion cash out. (Apple is essentially generating $7m of cash per hour).

– Based on their latest quarterly filings, their profit exceeds Google’s revenue ($11.6billion vs. $10.7billion).

– On the iPhone business model alone (one which did not exist 5 years ago), there are only 53 companies in the world generating revenues larger than the iPhone business (on an annualised basis).

– If the profit margin is as high as expected, the iPhone profit generated could exceed the profit generated by ExxonMobil in 2011 ($35billion est vs. $30billion FY2011)

– Of course, we shouldn’t ignore the iPad – bringing total revenues for iOS devices to $130billion – twice the size of Microsoft.

– Apple’s retail stores have the highest sales per sq ft of any retailer in the world – including Tiffany.

– If Apple were a country measured on a GDP basis, it would be the 56th largest country in the world.

– When is iPhone 5 going to be announced?

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