Help them let you help them

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Feeling good Your FinTech idea is taking shape. The accelerator loved your story. This feels like the mainstream. Your mentors have some pretty fancy business cards from the banks you want to sell to. You know they need what you’re building — you spent years yourself frustrated by the inefficiency and inertia on their side. So you quit. And bootstrapped to an MVP and a (re-)entry ticket. The accelerator promised you first class introductions to your Top 10 targets. Slow mo […]

Digital — does it make the boat go faster?

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A few years ago, when I was still at HSBC, my sister was urgently admitted to the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery in London for surgery on a tumour. It was distressing and bewildering for our family. That first night, my mother asked me how everyone working at the hospital was so consistently brilliant. She meant everyone — the doctors and nurses of course, but also the receptionists, housekeeping staff and night porters. All I could […]

Digital storytelling

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Digital is no longer a question, it’s an obligation.   Digital can democratise markets with unrivalled pace, momentum and reach. It has no respect for organisational hierarchies, preconceptions or biases. It will blast through all those to create an entirely new market, customer base and league table while you are still spinning up your steering committee.   The willingness (or at least capability) for some organisations to stifle creativity and innovation is outrageous. Incumbent banks too often […]

Escape to evergreen

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  From PA Consulting in the FT – June 2014 – emphasis mine. The executive team can look outside the organisation for fresh perspectives. ….from partnerships with start-ups…. and hiring digital talent from outside the traditional recruitment pool…. these outsiders’ views will challenge convention and cause disruption. It is clear that…. successful businesses will be those that take control of their own direction. They will understand the scale of the change and respond by adapting both what […]

Being unreasonable

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If you want something new, you have to stop doing something old. ~ Peter Drucker David Edelman suggests being unreasonable – not traditionally taken as a compliment – is an absolute must for successful digital delivery. It’s part of how to transform your enterprise to become authentically digital. An unreasonable aspiration is like a key that unlocks new ways of thinking about things. It jumpstarts new conversations, often between people who haven’t spoken before. When nurtured and supported by active […]

Just let me drive

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When I left university, I financed my move to London by selling my car. Though long before collaborative consumption was enabled – no ZipCar, City Car Club and definitely no Uber – getting around London was pretty easy. I soon landed a job in the City which was well served by public transport. For a few years, the choice to not have a car was a no brainer.  Even if you could afford the car, the insurance, fuel and servicing, you still needed to find somewhere to […]

Dinosaurs, digiphiles and dynamite

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This started as a ‘brief’ comment on Chris Skinner’s excellent post about a Kodak/Nokia moment in banking. It’s much more important you go read his post, than mine below. Obviously the status quo is unsustainable – it’s just a question of what time horizon one uses to assess the urgency/pace of change. In time, financial historians will surely look back at this period and the current wave of FinTech activity as the point any [by then] defunct incumbent should have […]